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Google employees believe the business should stop dealing with Israel and are arrested.


Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s office by a group of protesting Google employees. The staff made a demand that the business cease its cooperation with the Israeli government.

A number of Google workers in New York and California have been demonstrating against the firm because it supports the Israeli government. After staging a massive demonstration at Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s California office, some employees were taken into custody for not leaving the area until their demands were fulfilled, which took more than eight hours. Among these requests was the requirement that Google cease offering cloud computing services to the Israeli government.

The employees can be seen seated inside the Google office in a video that has been circulated online of the incident.

A group of Google employees occupied the office of Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian for more than eight hours on Tuesday, and during the “notech4apartheid” Twitch livestream, they declared their demands, which included Google severing all ties with the Israeli military and government and addressing what they called a “health and safety crisis” among workers.

As previously mentioned, Google employees staged a protest at various Google offices, including New York and California. The protest was over the billion-dollar AI contract, Project Nimbus, which was signed in 2021, according to Daily Wire.

When darkness struck, one of the company representatives came up to the demonstrators, told them they were on administrative leave, and asked them to leave the property. When they refused to go, the police intervened. The employees were taken into custody and the police were called to the area, bringing the broadcast to a dramatic close.

The protesters belonged to a Google organization called No Tech for Apartheid, which has become more outspoken about the company’s commercial choices.

While protestor Emaan Haseem does not want to lose her job, she stated that she cannot continue to show up for work every week without “acknowledging and loudly condemning Project Nimbus and any support for the Israeli government.”

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