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Petrol Diesel Price Today: What are the current rates in Hyderabad for both gasoline and diesel?

Petrol Diesel Price Today

Petrol Diesel Price Today: Every morning at six a.m., oil businesses in the nation announce the rates for gasoline and diesel. OMCs modify the price of gasoline and diesel by the world market prices for crude oil. Vary Petrol Diesel releases updates to its consumers periodically. The pricing of gasoline and diesel in our nation is set by freight costs, local taxes, and value-added tax. Let’s investigate the fuel and diesel prices in the nation’s key cities on April 21.

Petrol diesel prices in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi...

In Hyderabad on Sunday, April 21, the cost of a liter of gasoline is expected to be Rs. 107.41, while diesel will be Rs. 95.65. The national capital of Delhi saw a liter of petrol priced at 94.72. The price of diesel is currently 87.62 per liter. Petrol costs in Mumbai, a commercial hub, have surpassed 100 and are currently at 104.21 a liter. Additionally, the cost of diesel in Mumbai is 92.15 a liter.

Crude oil is what’s used to make gasoline and diesel. The price of gasoline and diesel in our nation is also impacted by the exchange rate between the Indian rupee and the US dollar. The central state governments impose taxes on gasoline and diesel. States differ in this regard. Demand also has an impact on the cost of gasoline and diesel. Fuel costs will rise in tandem with an increase in demand.

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Petrol and diesel prices in different cities of the country.

The cityPetrol Price (Litre)The City
HyderabadRs. 107.41Rs.95.65
ChennaiRs. 100.98Rs. 92.56
BangaloreRs. 99.84Rs. 85.93
LucknowRs. 94.65Rs. 87.76
JaipurRs. 104.88Rs. 90.36
Cole’s knifeRs. 103.94Rs. 90.76

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