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The Great Indian Kapil Show: Kapil Sharma’s stunning Netflix comeback is falling in the world rankings due to declining viewership


The Great Indian Kapil Show has aired four episodes so far on Netflix, but viewership doesn’t seem to be increasing at an expected rate.

Based on Netflix’s own data, The Great Indian Kapil Show’s viewership is declining after four episodes and one month. With the long-awaited return of presenter Kapil Sharma and colleague Sunil Grover serving as the hook, the show was heavily marketed for several months in an effort to grow the streamer’s fan base in India. However, viewership seems to be plummeting following a lavish debut and a guest list that has so far featured celebrities like Vicky Kaushal, Diljit Dosanjh, Rohit Sharma, and Ranbir Kapoor.

The first episode, which starred Ranbir, his sister Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, and mother Neetu Kapoor, drew 2.4 million viewer hours, according to Netflix’s regularly updated Global Top 10 list. The episode received 2.5 million views in total and concluded the week at number three. With the publication of an additional episode, the show’s total number of viewer hours by the conclusion of the second week was 4.6 million. However, there were 2.6 million views overall. Even though there were 200,000 additional viewers, there are now two episodes available. In the second week, the show dropped to number five. While total viewership hours may vary because not every audience member is watching an episode through to the end, total views indicate the number of people who have watched an episode up until the moment that Netflix deems a single “view.”

The Great Indian Kapil Show dropped to number seven in the rankings after the conclusion of the third week. For the week, there were 4.1 million total hours of viewing and 1.7 million total views. Remember that viewers now have three episodes to choose from. By the conclusion of its first month, the show had only 1.2 million total views and had dropped to the eighth rank with 3.9 million total weekly viewer hours. Again, compared to the 57 minutes of video provided in week one, viewers now have access to over three hours of content in total.

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Kapil has already worked on other Netflix projects. He made his stage debut in Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet, a stand-up special, in 2022. Over its one-hour run, the program was unable to get into the global top 10. In contrast, the first season of Maamla Legal Hai had 1.1 million total views and 4.8 million hours of viewing when it began. In the second week, it gained one position and received 2 million views in addition to 8.5 million viewer hours.

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