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A pair from Delhi known as “Spiderman” was exposed after a risky bike stunt video went viral. Observe


The young couple resides in Najafgarh, Delhi. Fans of Spiderman and Spiderwoman have made tributes to the superheroes on their Instagram pages.

A young Delhi couple was taken into custody after they were spotted on multiple videos executing risky stunts on a bike. The woman was costumed as Spiderwoman, and the man as Spiderman.

Aditya, 20, and Anjali, 19, rode motorcycles in Najafgarh, southwest Delhi, where they reside.

They were seen riding a Pulsar without a helmet or license plate while donning superhero costumes in a widely shared Instagram video. The woman is riding pillion as she exits a metro station. Additionally, they were observed raising their hands from the moving car. According to news outlet IANS, they are accused of driving without a license, wearing a helmet, and displaying a number plate.

Their faces were hidden below their body-con dresses.

On Instagram, the video “Spiderman in Najafgarh” has received over 77,000 “likes” and over 9.6 lakh views.

With almost 9,000 followers on Instagram, the man bills himself as “your friendly neighbourhood Indian spidey.”. Over a million people have seen several of his videos. In one of his Instagram reels, he is seen selling onions from a push cart and then performing a solo bike stunt.

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Spideygwen_official is the Instagram handle of his female acquaintance. Her self-description as “your one and only Spider Gwen” is an homage to Gwen Stacy, the romantic interest of Spiderman in the venerable superhero comic book series. A little over 700 people follow her.

The WaConne Anifest in Delhi on Thursday saw the “Spiderman” couple make an appearance, and when they did, the audience cheered them on as they posed like the classic Spiderman and Spiderwoman.

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