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Discord finally catches up to Reddit with polling support!

discord poll feature

Discord poll feature: Attractive emoji reply polls are history.

In Short

  • While social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram have welcomed short videos, Discord has stayed loyal to its mission of serving the community.
  • Finally, Discord now supports polls. Users can now construct polls with up to ten distinct responses and custom durations.
  • Poll moderators will find it easier to control the new functionality, which will also help to prevent arbitrary emoji reactions.

Discord app now offers a poll function that lets you ask your friends and community members to vote on a variety of topics. It ought to be an enjoyable method to spice up discussions throughout all of your platforms. Although conducting polls on Discord was theoretically feasible in the past, it was never a built-in feature. To make this work, you had to think of creative solutions, including letting users vote by responding to posts with emojis. After that, you would add up all of the responses to determine the winner.

However, enough of that silliness. There’s now a real mechanism to make and cast votes in polls in Discord. It will also be a lot simpler to trace them. As soon as a poll is generated, all of the alternatives are visible, and the results are updated as people vote for their favorites. Additionally, polls will be accessible through the mobile and desktop apps. The fact that not everyone can access polls at this time is the sole drawback.

How to make a poll on Discord

By selecting Poll from the menu that displays when you tap the + icon next to the message box in any channel, chat, or group conversation, you may start a new poll. Up to ten distinct responses, a poll description, and a poll duration (one, four, eight, one, three, or seven days) can all be set up using the poll creation user interface. You have the option of allowing respondents to select as few or as many options as they like.

Discord indicates the options you have chosen with a check mark, and surprisingly, you don’t have to worry about skewed results because some respondents were just interested in viewing the results. This is because Discord displays a button labeled “Show results” right next to the “Vote” option.

It is made clear in the feature’s support documentation that slash commands cannot be used to generate polls, and anonymous response gathering is also not possible. However, responses can be changed by anyone while the poll is still open, and anybody can create them. In the coming days, polling ought to be accessible on all Discord servers.

How to use polls on Discord

You can send polls in most places on Discord. If you can send messages in a channel, you’ll be able to create polls. If you can only view channels, you can vote in polls but not create your own. 

Here’s how to create and send a Discord poll.

1. Open Discord and navigate to the server you want to send the poll to.
2. Click the plus sign (+) to the left of your message bar.
3. Click Poll.
4. Enter the poll name and options. You can add emojis, too.
5. Tap the arrow next to Duration to set how long it will be available.
6. Click Post in the upper right corner.

To vote in a poll, select the option you want and click Vote. You can’t vote anonymously, but you can change your vote until the poll closes.

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