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Yogi’s law and order model is praised by PM

Law and order is praised by PM Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Yogi promises to lead the global coalition against terrorism under Modi’s direction. The development focus of UP is emphasized.

The most populous state’s “law and order” approach, implemented by Yogi Adityanath as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, was commended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. On his side, the chief minister stated that India will lead the world in combating the threat of terrorism under PM Modi’s direction.

At an election rally in Saharanpur, Modi praised Yogi and said, “I know Yogiji will not spare criminals, allow even the slightest of let-up on the law-and-order front.” He also mentioned some of the state’s well-liked programs, like one district, one product (ODOP), as evidence of the double engine government’s commitment to improving the lives of the underprivileged and ensuring that they receive the best price for their produce.

A major component of the BJP’s campaign in Uttar Pradesh, which produces a maximum of 80 MPs for the Lok Sabha, is improving peace and order. Modi has already commended Yogi’s dedication to maintaining peace and order. Since 2018, Modi has praised Adityanath’s efforts in maintaining law and order at most of his rallies, a move that has been echoed by other senior officials. Speaking before Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Yogi earlier mentioned an article that had just surfaced in a prominent British journal, which described how the current Indian government, led by Modi, had zero tolerance for crime, criminals, or disorder.

The British newspaper report describes how terrorists were hunted down and murdered in Pakistan between 2021 and 2022. Yogi Adityanath stated, “The message is loud and clear that there is zero tolerance against corruption and anarchy in India today, even though only ‘The Guardian’ can reveal its source.”
According to him, the world has realized that terrorism is a threat and that freedom must be gained from it. He declared, “India will lead the world in dealing with this challenge under the guidance of PM Modi.”
“In the Amrit Kaal, PM Modi offered us his vision of a thriving India. In the nation, there is currently a new discussion. Every public vote has the power to alter the course and perception of the nation. The basis for this is the ongoing transformation that has taken place in the nation since 2014. Voting ought not to be motivated by caste, religion, panhandling, or any other kind of agenda. Nevertheless, for the goal of a developed India and a promising future for the coming generation, so that everyone can witness the goal of a developed India led by Prime Minister Modi,” Yogi continued.

Through the Amrit Kaal, PM Modi has shared with us his vision of an advanced India. In the nation, a fresh discussion has begun. Every public vote has the power to alter the nation’s course and perception. The basis for this is the nation’s ongoing transformation that started in 2014. Caste, religion, panhandling, or any other agenda should not influence our votes. Even so, Yogi said, “for the goal of a developed India and a promising future for the coming generation, so that we can all see the goal of developed India under the leadership of PM Modi.”

“After a 500-year wait, Lord Shri Ram finally finds his abode in the grand temple of Ayodhya,” Adityanath declared in Nagina. Not only has this enormous temple been finished, but the Panchtirthas associated with Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar have also been revitalized, and Saint Shiromani Guru Ravidas Ji’s birthplace in Kashi has been restored.

“My government’s commitment to farmers is unshakeable and none would be allowed to short change them,” he declared in Bijnor.

Inputs from Hindustan times News.

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