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UPSC Prelims 2024: Is anxiety affecting your preparations? Here are 4 quick ways to help you relax and keep calm!

Preparing for an exam as major as the UPSC is a journey filled with highs and lows. It is essential that aspirants have a relaxed mind and keep anxiety at bay.

When studying for an exam as significant as the UPSC Civil Service Examinations, anxiety management becomes crucial. While a little anxiety before an exam can help you concentrate, excessive anxiety can hinder your preparation efforts. A few professional recommendations will help you manage your anxiousness when you prepare for the UPSC exam. (Norton Splash)

Will I succeed in passing the test? Will I be able to recall every note I made in preparation for the test? What Happens If I Don’t Pass the Exam? – These would have crossed your mind as well if you’re taking the UPSC Prelims 2024 this year, which would have increased your level of tension and anxiety.`

This is perhaps the most common feeling every UPSC aspirant goes through, given that they are about to appear for India’s most prestigious exam.

Well, research has shown that although being slightly nervous ahead of an exam can help focus your attention, being too anxious can in turn deter your preparation goal. Therefore, it is extremely important that candidates remain calm and composed as they prepare for the examinations.

The Civil Services Examination (Preliminary) 2024 is scheduled to be held from June 16, 2024, meaning candidates have slightly over 2 months left for the examination. While aspirants prepare for the examinations, it is essential that they keep anxiety at bay by following a few expert-recommended techniques. These are mentioned below:

1. 45 minutes of meditation every day:

Research has shown that meditation can help people who are mentally tired, especially when they are under a lot of stress. According to medical professionals, meditating at least once a day might have a long-lasting effect on the brain. Dr. Rituraj Borbora, a medical specialist from Guwahati, discussed how meditation might improve pupils’ ability to retain information in an interview with Hindustan Times. “I recall the times when I used to be anxious before my medical exams, which negatively affected my ability to concentrate,” he remarked. I started feeling more at ease with my study habits after I started meditating.

2. Take short strolls during breaks:

It can be physically and mentally exhausting to sit still for extended periods of time. Candidates can take quick walks in their backyard or at a local park to relieve some of their stress. Experts advise that interacting with people and taking in the fresh air both reduce stress and emit positive energy. Retired academic Dr. Leena Dutta stated, “It is usually suggested for applicants to partake in hobbies like short walks or fun-talking with family members or close friends for brief spells as such activities serve as stress busters during an exam as crucial as the UPSC. They also greatly aid in preserving a healthy mental equilibrium.

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3. Light activities to keep the mind under control:

Preparations for such exams should ideally be interspersed with some light exercise and short recourse to fun breaks like watching a hilarious show on the TV or listening to soft music, but certainly not very loud. “Such short breaks in between the preparations go a long way in keeping the mind under a healthy emotional control,” says Barsha Das, who cracked the APSC examinations in 2022 and is now placed as DSP with the Government of Assam.

4. Light board games to keep the mind relaxed:

Board games, while not seen as a major form of entertainment, can be a very useful tool for maintaining mental clarity and relaxation during the tense test periods. According to Dr. Amal Kumar Sarma, a retired chief medical and health officer, “humble as these games may appear on the surface, they have a great potential for keeping the mind balanced and composed without any aggressive postures.”

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