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Cesari London Accuses Snitch For Stealing Cargo Pants Design! Read Full Controversy Here!


Cesari London Accuses Snitch: Designer Harnoor Singh claims Snitch stole his idea for a cargo pant style. Shark Tank Season 2 star Snitch has not replied. Singh’s Instagram image started the #badcopy trend with 22 million views and 4.5 million likes. He took a hard stance against Snitch, advising them to change their brand name from “Snitch” to “Snatch”!

The Instagram reel has received 4.5 lakh likes and over 22 million views, indicating its growing popularity! Even though Snitch hasn’t provided any explanation as of now, Harnoor Singh’s well-wishers are supporting his appeal by sharing his reel and offering their opinions on the Snitch’s alleged deed.

According to Harnoor Singh, he had made every single little element by hand when creating the design. and had introduced the product with high-end cloth into the market. He also charged Snitch of releasing identical cargo trousers in inferior fabric and at a 40% discount. The owner of Cesari London also retaliated with some absurd remarks, saying that Snitch ought to change their brand name from “I” to “A.”

About Cesari London

Cesari London

Cesari London is a well-known fashion brand that is known for making unique, high-quality clothes. Founded by Ludhiana’s Harnoor Singh, this brand is oftenly mistaken with a foreginer brand. Its the name and standard of the brand that connects the name and meaning of the brand however the brain behind it is Punjabi Indian.

The fashion company Cesari London has made a name for itself in the industry by combining classic styles with the latest trends. The company is proud to offer carefully made clothes that exude sophistication and beauty.

There are many types of clothes in Cesari London’s collections, like shirts, pants, suits, and accessories, all made to fit the needs of current men’s fashion. Each piece is carefully made with high-quality materials and close attention to detail, so you can be sure that it will look good and feel good. Cesari London is more than just a name; it’s a statement of style and luxury that appeals to people who care about the quality and look of the clothes they wear.

Cesari London Collection

Cesari has various modern fashioned clothes collection. A brief overview of their collection is given below!

  • Stripped Shirts
  • Solid Shirts
  • Check Shirts
  • Printed Shirts
  • Stripped Trousers
  • Checked Pants
  • Cargo Pants
  • Tailored
  • Basics

Other than that they also have special collection listed under Best sellersLimited Edition, and many more! Click here to check out their products in detail!

About Snitch Clothing Brand

Snitch Clothing Brand

Snitch, the fast fashion brand that caught the attention of investors on Shark Tank India Season 2, has made a splash in the fashion world. With a strategic investment of 1.2 crore at just 1.5% equity, Snitch secured a 100 crore valuation, showcasing its potential for growth and innovation.

Offering a diverse range of clothing and accessories, Snitch appeals to fashion-forward individuals looking for trendy yet affordable options. Their appearance on Shark Tank India Season 2 not only highlights their entrepreneurial spirit but also underscores their commitment to providing high-quality fashion at accessible prices.

With a successful stint on Shark Tank India under its belt, Snitch is poised to make waves in the fast fashion industry, offering stylish and affordable clothing options for the fashion-conscious consumer. Read all major highlights about Snitch Shark Tank Season 2 episode!

Snitch Clothing Collection

Snitch has various fast fashioned clothes collection. A brief overview of their collection is given below!

  • Casual Classics
  • Trendsetter’s Picks
  • Formal Elegance
  • Street Style
  • Athleisure Wear
  • Weekend Essentials
  • Seasonal Collections

Click here to check out their products in detail!

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