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Charles Barkley expressed his eclipse apathy by roasting everyone who enjoyed it!

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley, a former NBA player turned commentator, did not understand the excitement around Monday’s 2024 solar eclipse, even though almost everyone else in the nation did.

Speaking during the break during Monday night’s men’s NCAA tournament championship game in Phoenix, Barkley said he couldn’t believe anyone stood outdoors and watched the eclipse.

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Yes, he disciplined us all for it.

Charles Barkley mocked the eclipse viewers, calling them all “losers” and joking that “we’ve all seen darkness before.” He sees no difference at all between this and what occurs when the sun sets and the moon rises each day.

Naturally, Barkley had Ernie Johnson, his co-anchor and personal friend, standing up for everyone who took pleasure in the unusual solar event.

Barkley being told by Johnson not to hate on the eclipse is comedy gold. Only Barkley could find a way to roast almost the entire United States of America for enjoying a solar eclipse on national championship day.

Johnson telling Barkley not to be angry about the eclipse is hilarious. On the day of the national championship, Barkley was the only one who could find a way to make fun of practically the whole American people for witnessing a solar eclipse.

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