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The Great Indian Kapil Show 5th episode first impression: Aamir Khan untold stories rescue audience from Kapil Sharma dull humour

Great Indian Kapil Show

An ideal combination of Aamir Khan openness and Kapil Sharma skillful questioning produced the most recent episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show. The authors of the show, who found it difficult to provide witty banter even in the short interludes, were the biggest disappointment, though.

Half the battle of entertaining the audience is won when Kapil Sharma and his team receive a guest who is eager to give it all. Viewers are captivated by the attraction of learning first-hand, never-before-heard tales about the personal and professional lives of Bollywood celebrities. The thrill is multiplied when that superstar turns out to be Aamir Khan, who is infamous for dodging interviews.

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It was clear from the beginning that Aamir came on The Great Indian Kapil Show as a grateful fan. He related how Comedy Nights With Kapil, his former sketch comedy program, provided humor and support for him throughout a difficult two-year period when he struggled with depression. Aamir acknowledged that he made his first appearance on Kapil’s show in the previous eleven years because of his favorable experience with the previous show.

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For the last episode, Aamir’s candor and Kapil’s skillful interviewing were a match made in heaven. The actor arrived on the show with his two sisters, Nikhat and Farhat Khan, whose teasing suggested the dynamics of Aamir’s family. In addition, he related stories of his family and childhood, how he overcame his father’s rage to pursue acting, and how funny it was that his children didn’t seem to care much about him despite his prominence in the business. It was interesting to hear Aamir handle common issues that most of us can identify with.

Aamir Khan’s affection for Kapil Sharma and his team was palpable throughout the show, resulting in various heartwarming moments. While he might have felt shy and looked away to avoid clingy, cheesy jokes, he was never uncomfortable. In one segment, Kapil even admitted, “Humse aisi bachkaand baatein karwate hain itne bade logon se, but hamari janta hi yahi hai (We indulge celebrities in such nonsense talk, but that’s our audience).”

However, the major disappointment from the new episode came from Kapil Sharma and his team of writers. While the episode ran for over an hour, major chunks were dedicated to Aamir’s captivating stories, and rightfully so. But the show’s team failed to deliver sharp humour even in the brief intervals they had to break the monotony of the interview. Most jokes were routine and lacked the spontaneity that audiences expect from Kapil’s shows.

Kiku Sharda’s Chef Dhanyia Lal, Krushna Abhishek’s Mona, and Sunil Grover’s Engineer Chambuk Mittal relied on tired humor, failing to make an impact. Even the sketch comedy segment featuring Sunil, Kiku, and Rajeev Thakur in various Aamir Khan characters, was a lost opportunity.

Amid the falling viewership of The Great Indian Kapil Show, the passive approach towards the show’s writing is concerning. Episodes like this one are rare phenomena as celebrity guests won’t always be willing to bare their souls like Aamir. Case in point, the second episode, which featured cricketers Shreyas Iyer and Rohit Sharma. Therefore, the makers have to ensure their sketch comedy segments are strong enough to lure the audience, irrespective of the celebrities’ ability to attract viewers. Consider the third episode featuring the Chamkila star cast. Despite being the shortest of all episodes, the brilliance of the sketch comedy writing seen in that episode remains unmatched.

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