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Vice City vibes: GTA 6 trailer raises hopes of a nostalgic reunion with Tommy Vercetti’s waterside mansion!

Rumors of GTA 6 returning to Vice City have fans intrigued. A building resembling Tommy Vercetti’s mansion is spotted in the trailer, igniting excitement and skepticism among fans!

Excitement is reaching a fever pitch among Grand Theft Auto fans as they eagerly analyze every frame of the GTA 6 trailer for potential clues and ties to the beloved Vice City. The speculation is particularly focused on Tommy Vercetti, the iconic character from GTA: Vice City, voiced by the late Ray Liotta. While Rockstar has not officially confirmed anything, a building spotted in the trailer has sparked a fresh wave of speculation in the GTA community.

A Reddit post by user Crafty-Astronomer905 on r/GTA6 claims to have identified a building resembling Tommy Vercetti’s mansion in the GTA 6 trailer, according to Gamerant. However, the structure’s distant and off-center placement in an establishing shot of Vice City makes confirmation challenging.

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