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Army officials thrash cops in Pakistan; videos spark outrage


The clips showed the army officers assaulting and beating up policemen in Punjab’s Bahawalnagar.

Social media users are incensed about videos showing police officers in Punjab province being tortured by Pakistani army personnel. The videos showed army officers attacking and physically abusing police officers in Bahawalnagar, Punjab.

In one video, the soldiers forced the uniformed police officers to kneel on the ground. Additionally, the soldiers could be seen imploring with two tortured police officers to spare them.

A senior police officer discussed the event with the news agency PTI, saying, “The Punjab police personnel were demanding money for the release of three civilians who had been illegally detained.”

In order to apprehend one of the three accomplices, the police also conducted a raid on the army officer’s home. This caught the attention of certain army personnel, who eventually liberated those three people by raiding the Madrassa police station in Bahawalnagar. The policemen were tortured during that operation, a police official claimed.

Meanwhile, the Punjab police said in its statement, “This matter in Bahawalnagar, which went viral on social media, has been taken out of context and exaggerated. Fake propaganda is being made on social media.”

The statement said the episode is being presented to imply fighting between the Pakistan army and Punjab Police. “When the unverified videos went viral, both institutions launched a joint investigation. Officers from both institutions reviewed the facts and peacefully resolved the matter,” it added.

Following the incident, four policemen, SHO Abbas Rizwan, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Iqbal and Ali Raza, were suspended and arrested under different sections of the Pakistan Penal Code.

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