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More Rain To Hit UAE From Monday, Week After Record Deluge In Dubai.

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The storm that hit the UAE last week and dumped the most rain in 75 years of record won’t be similar to Monday’s deluge.

On Monday, April 22, almost a week after the deluge that brought Dubai a year’s worth of rain, the UAE is getting ready for more rain. The nation’s meteorological agency, according to the Khaleej Times, stated that the next showers won’t be “comparable” to last week’s downpour and don’t pose any concern. Before hammering the UAE with its highest rains in 75 years of records, the storm struck Oman and killed 20 people.

Four days of flooding were followed by the return of regular operations to the Dubai airport on Saturday. Khaleej Times was informed by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) that Monday evening could see mild to moderate rain. It further stated that by Wednesday, conditions should improve with a five to seven-degree temperature decrease.

“There’s no reason to worry; there isn’t any heavy precipitation at this time. It’s not the same as what happened last week. Dr. Ahmed Habib, a climate scientist from NCM, informed the source that the clouds will not be intense but rather moderate, moving from the western shore into the UAE.

There’s a risk of drizzle or light rain. As these clouds move eastward toward the highlands, they may produce slightly above-average rainfall only in mountainous regions. Initially, they are expected to bring mild rainfall to Abu Dhabi. All of the cloud cover will move outside of the UAE and toward Oman on Wednesday morning, according to Dr. Habib.

The rainfall will start from Monday noon.

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After last week’s deluge, scientists blamed increasingly common extreme weather events, such as the rains in UAE and Oman, on human-led global warming.

The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its hot desert climate, with summer temperatures reaching beyond 50 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is rare there.

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