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Justin Trudeau of Canada on the murder of Nijjar; charges that the previous government was “cozy” with India!

Justin Trudeau

According to Prime Minister Justine Trudeau of Canada, his government has consistently supported minorities’ rights to free speech and participation in Canada.

After claiming that his government defended Canadians, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has escalated the death of Khalistani extremist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. In testimony given at a public inquiry into foreign meddling in Canada’s election process, Justin Trudeau stated that his administration was steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding citizens.

In a hearing presided over by French judge Marie-Josee Hogue, the foreign interference committee, Justin Trudeau accused the nation’s former Conservative government of being “cozy” with the present Indian leadership.

Although the results of the last two Canadian elections were unaffected by Chinese attempts to interfere, Justin Trudeau asserted that it was “improbable” that Beijing favored one party over another.

In oathed evidence before a panel holding a public investigation into purported foreign meddling in the Canadian elections of 2019 and 2021, Justin Trudeau addressed inquiries concerning intelligence briefings he had been provided and maintained that the elections were “free and fair.”

Under pressure from opposition lawmakers dissatisfied with media reporting on China’s potential involvement in the elections, Trudeau established the panel last year.

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What did Justin Trudeau say?

  • Asked about foreign interference during the 2019 elections and redacted parts in the 2019 annual report of the NSI, Justin Trudeau said, “In a public setting, I can’t speak to redactions made for national security. But, I will say that the principle that anyone who comes to Canada from anywhere in the world has all the rights of a Canadian to be free from extortion, coercion, and interference from a country that they left behind and how we have stood up for Canadians, including in the very serious case that I brought forward to Parliament of the killing of (Hardeep Singh) Nijjar, demonstrates our government’s commitment to defending the rights and freedoms of Canadians.”
  • “And the suggestion that we haven’t and we won’t do everything we can to defend Canadian rules and values and defend Canadians from foreign interference is simply misplaced,” Justine Trudeau is heard in a video of the inquiry proceedings shared by Canadian newspaper The Global and Mail.
  • “Our government has always stood up to defend minorities in Canada and the rights of minorities to speak out even if it irritates their home countries overseas,” the Canadian prime minister said.
  • Asked whether appropriate steps were not taken to expose foreign interference, Justin Trudeau replied, “I think that’s certainly a question one needs to ask of the previous conservative government that was known for its very cozy relationship with the current Indian government. Whereas our government has always stood up to defend minorities in Canada and the rights of minorities to speak out, even if it irritates their home countries overseas,” according to the video shared by The Global and Mail.
  • In a classified February interview with the Commission of Inquiry, Justin Trudeau called it extremely damaging to the confidence of the people of Canada in the democratic process. A public summary of the interview was revealed at the inquiry on Wednesday, where Trudeau testified at an open hearing. Trudeau expressed his frustration that intelligence leaked to the media had been “sensationalized” and taken out of context, Canada-based CTV News reported.

India-Canada ties

The relations between India and Canada came under severe strain following Justin Trudeau’s allegations last year of a “potential” involvement of Indian agents in the killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in June 2023.

Days after Justin Trudeau’s allegations, India announced temporarily suspending the issuance of visas to Canadian citizens and asked Ottawa to downsize its diplomatic presence in the country.

India has rejected Justin Trudeau’s allegations as “absurd” and “motivated” and accused Canada of giving space to Khalistani extremists targeting India.

India had designated Nijjar as a terrorist in 2020.

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