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Mr. Beast isn’t number one: Most subscribed YouTube channel; three Indian networks are in the top 10.

top 10 youtubers in india

Three of the most subscribed YouTube channels on the internet are Indian, and they are causing a stir throughout the world with their Hindi content. The popular American YouTuber Mr. Beast isn’t number one, as one might think, earn the top spot.

YouTube, the digital behemoth that redefined entertainment since its inception in 2005, continues to shape the global digital culture with its vast library of videos, live streams, and monetization options. Amidst the myriad of content creators, it’s intriguing to discover which channel commands the highest level of subscriber devotion. Contrary to popular belief that American or European channels dominate, the surprising champion is none other than India’s T-Series.

T-Series Secures The Throne

With its bright visuals and catchy Bollywood tunes, T-Series, a massive music platform, has become the world’s most subscribed YouTube channel. T-Series is a global entertainment powerhouse with an amazing 257 million members, according to Forbes India’s list of the top 10 YouTube channels worldwide. T-Series is home to the biggest record label and production company in India. It provides a variety of content, such as trailers, movies, and music videos.

Indian Presence in the Top Ten

Surprisingly, three Indian YouTube channels with Hindi-language content have also managed to rank in the top 10 most subscribed channels globally. In this prestigious league, Zee Music Company and Sony Entertainment Television’s (SET) official YouTube channel proudly represent Indian content makers.

The Global YouTube Elite

The most watched YouTube channels globally, with millions of devoted subscribers apiece, are as follows:

  1. T-Series: Offering a diverse range of Bollywood entertainment, T-Series is the current champion with over 257 million subscribers.
  2. MrBeast: Known for his extravagant stunts and philanthropy, American YouTuber MrBeast commands a massive following of over 232 million subscribers.
  3. Cocomelon: This beloved channel, captivating over 170 million subscribers, enchants audiences with vibrant 3D animated nursery rhymes.
  4. SET India (Sony Entertainment Television): The official YouTube channel for SET in India proudly showcases popular Hindi-language programming, attracting over 167 million subscribers.
  5. Kids Diana Show: With over 118 million subscribers, Kids Diana Show, a Ukrainian-American children’s channel, captures hearts with its family-centric content.
  6. PewDiePie: Created by Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, PewDiePie boasts 111 million subscribers and a vast library of engaging content.
  7. Like Nastya: A heartwarming family adventure channel, Like Nastya, amasses over 112 million subscribers.
  8. Vlad and Niki: The playful antics of two young brothers, Vlad and Niki, entertain over 108 million subscribers worldwide.
  9. Zee Music Company: Catering primarily to Hindi entertainment, Zee Music Company’s YouTube channel boasts 104 million subscribers, serving as
  10. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE): The ultimate hub for professional wrestling, WWE’s YouTube channel boasts over 99 million subscribers and an extensive library of 73,000 videos.

Despite what many people think, Mr. Beast isn’t number one the most popular subscriber on YouTube. Three Indian networks have secured spots in the top 10, despite his notoriety for outrageous challenges and selfless acts, according to This indicates YouTube’s wide range of video offerings as well as the large presence of the Indian audience on the platform. Even if Mr. Beast’s subscription & Mr. Beast isn’t number one count may fluctuate, his influence on viewers is still great because of his unique combination of altruism and entertainment that inspires millions of people worldwide. In addition to the growth of Indian networks, YouTube continues to be a creative hotspot with a global reach.

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