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CM Arvind Kejriwal issues first order from jail; Sunita Kejriwal is the target of BJP’s increased attacks!

The Bharatiya Janata Party has been demanding that Kejriwal relinquish the chief ministerial post.

New Delhi: Following his apprehension in connection with the liquor policy scandal, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has issued his first directive. He was arrested on Thursday night, making him the first chief minister in office currently serving. In the meantime, Sunita Kejriwal, Arvind Kejriwal’s wife, has been the target of increased BJP attacks.

“From ED detention, he (Kejriwal) has given his first directive. The instructions are for the Water department of the city government. Later in the day, Atishi, the minister of water, will make the announcement, party officials told PTI.

Kejriwal’s resignation as chief minister has been demanded by the cc. The AAP has insisted that he will lead the government while incarcerated.

In a scathing critique of Kejriwal’s proposed jail plans, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari stated on Saturday that gangs, not governments, operate out of jails.

Tiwari persisted in criticizing Kejriwal on Sunday. In addition, he launched a fresh offensive against his spouse Sunita Kejriwal, who on Saturday had brought the chief minister’s message to Delhi.

The narrative ‘Ek safar swaraj se sharab tak’ comes to mind when you consider Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest.Arvind Kejriwal stated, “My sole concern is how I’m going to move into a ‘Rajmahal’ as soon as possible.

He also attacked Sunita Kejriwal with a scathing remark.

Yesterday, Sunita Kejriwal conducted an interview while seated in the chief minister’s chair; she showed no signs of embarrassment.There is a national conversation about the excellent work being done by the ED and CBI. A small group of dishonest people also disparage him. This was not how ED and CBI operated before to 2014. Because the Congress government had to safeguard corruption nationwide prior to 2014, they did not grant the agencies that authority.

The party is called CM’s. The government was reorganized after 2014. A new record has been set by Narendra Modi. They’re given a free hand, be it any agency,” he continued.

The Enforcement Directorate is in charge of Arvind Kejriwal till March 28. He has filed a case against his arrest with the Delhi High Court.

The Delhi High Court has received an appeal from Arvind Kejriwal claiming that his arrest was illegal and illegitimate. He went so far as to claim that the fact that the ED had custody of him until March 28 is illegal and that he ought to be released right away. The Delhi High Court did not impose a stay on any order and declined to have an emergency hearing. Upon examination of all supporting documentation, the courts conclude that all events were fully compliant with the law. They attempted to take this case to the SC at midnight two days ago. Arvind Kejriwal also had to withdraw his SC case,” Sambit remarked.

AAP leaders have launched a massive protest in Delhi against Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest.

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