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Meet the man, an Indian, whose business supplies engines to Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW!

Chairman Of Force Motors

Abhay Firodia (Chairman Of Force Motors) : His narrative inspires us by showing us that anyone can leave a lasting legacy that transcends business and advances society if they have passion, tenacity, and an optimistic outlook.

In a remarkable journey that spans decades, Abhay Firodia, the visionary chairman of Force Motors, has not only steered the company to great heights but has become a perfect example of success in the automotive industry.

Born into the legacy of Bajaj Tempo, the company underwent transformation under the leadership of Abhay Firodia, who joined in 1975. His relentless dedication and strategic vision led to the company’s evolution into Force Motors, known for crafting SUVs, vans, tractors, pickup trucks, and even providing engines for prestigious car brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Rolls Royce.

Having weathered a bitter feud with the Bajaj family in 1968, Abhay Firodia’s commitment to innovation and growth is reflected in the diverse portfolio of Force Motors. Since 2009, the reins of the company have been in the hands of his son, Prasan.

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Beyond the automotive world, Abhay Firodia is making a profound impact on India’s cultural landscape. He is constructing a museum that celebrates the rich history, philosophy, and culture of the Jain community, showcasing a commitment to heritage and inclusivity.

From his early days in Gwalior to pursuing education at Fergusson College in Pune, Abhay Firodia’s journey shows the values of education, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

With an estimated net worth of $2.9 billion, according to Forbes, Abhay Firodia’s success is not just measured in financial terms but also in the positive influence he continues to exert in the automotive industry. 

His story serves as an inspiration, reminding us that with passion, determination, and a forward-looking vision, anyone can shape a legacy that goes beyond business and contribute to the greater good.

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