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A man from the UK enters a guilty plea to stealing a gold toilet valued at Rs 50 crore; information inside

A man acknowledges damaging the installation of a £4.8 million solid gold toilet that he stole from Blenheim Palace.

A bold heist has shook Blenheim Palace’s ancient corridors, as a man has admitted to stealing an elaborately designed solid gold toilet known as “America,” which is said to be worth ₹50 crore (£4.8 million). This bold theft that took place in September 2019 during an art exhibition made headlines across the globe.

Nestled in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England, Blenheim Palace is a stately rural house with a rich history spanning over three centuries. Interestingly, Winston Churchill, a significant character in British history, was born there.

The culprit, a 39-year-old Wellingborough resident named James “Jimmy” Sheen, entered a guilty plea to the Oxford Crown Court’s charges of burglary, handling stolen property, and conspiracy to conduct burglary. The restroom, an exquisite eighteen-carat work of art created by well-known Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, was not only an artwork but also a working fixture that was on display. But unanticipated events following its installation resulted in flooding and harmed the palace’s centuries-old infrastructure.

Sheen is currently serving a heavy 17-year sentence for a spate of robberies, including the theft of tractors and prizes valued at £400,000 from the National Horse Racing Museum. His criminal exploits go beyond this blatant heist.

Sheen has come forward, but the other three people connected to the golden toilet scandal have not admitted any wrongdoing and will go on trial in February 2025.

There have been other strange stories in the media about golden toilets before this one. A Hong Kong jeweler debuted a stunning gold toilet at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai in 2019. With a staggering $1.3 million in value, this bathroom exuded unimaginable luxury and had a glass toilet seat.

and set with an incredible 40,815 little diamonds. Even if they are ostentatious, these situations highlight the attraction and interest of these uncommon and opulent fittings.

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