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Trump will move back and forth between the trial and the trail.


In the next two days, Donald Trump will make his most concerted attempt yet to use his criminal trial as a political tool, traveling back and forth between the courtroom and the campaign trail.

The former president’s hush money trial began on Tuesday in New York. The prosecution is trying to prove that Trump created false financial records to hide an alleged affair, misleading voters and potentially affecting the 2016 election result. They have refrained from disclosing witnesses beforehand so as to protect them from Trump’s criticism. However, it is anticipated that they will continue questioning a former banker for Michael Cohen, the former attorney and fixer for Trump, who paid Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress, hush money in exchange for her denying the affair. Trump has pleaded not guilty in the lawsuit.

On Wednesday at court dark, the presumed Republican nominee will take off for the center of his battle with President Joe Biden, stopping in Wisconsin and Michigan, two swing states that hold the power to determine who wins the presidency. The journey will demonstrate the value of an indicted candidate owning a plane. More importantly, though, Trump will be hammering home his debunked assertions that the White House was directly behind all four of his indictments on his most intensive campaign tour in weeks.

But Trump’s return to full-time campaigning won’t last long. Judge Juan Merchan will hold another hearing on Thursday, when the man is required to return to court. The prosecution has claimed that he often disobeys a partial gag order intended to safeguard witnesses, court personnel, and even the judge’s own family.

Another unique aspect of this presidential campaign will be the contrast between Trump’s imposing political persona while campaigning and his quiet disempowerment in the courtroom, where the judge is in charge. It will demonstrate how legal proceedings are currently influencing the 2024 presidential contest just as much as conventional political campaigns. Additionally, it will highlight how Trump has used his defense in several criminal cases to support his main campaign platform, which is that he is a political dissident who is being unfairly persecuted.

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