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Ex-Isle Splitsvilla Contestants List with Photos and Names!

Ex-Isle Splitsvilla

This season, Splitsvilla has seen a great deal of drama. Thus far this season has been jam-packed with drama, intrigue, and conspiracies. But hang on! Not only that but there will be more to spice things up even further—trust me, this will completely change the game. Exs of Split’s villains were purchased by Mischief Queen Uorfi Javed in the program. Who is visiting the former island Splitsvilla? And just what is Ex-Isle, exactly? Rest assured, we will go over every single detail you need to know!

We will be covering all the Exs of Splistvillians, their name, photo, and their reaction when they were surprised that they were in the show to watch their Exs spicing with other guys.

What is Splitsvilla Ex-Isle?

In actuality, Ex-Isle is just Splitsvilla on steroids! This is an exes-only place, as the name would imply. They will, however, take part in other activities that are yet to be disclosed, but they will undoubtedly involve Splitsvillains—or perhaps more accurately, their ex-partners! This is what I’m saying since Uorfi promised that everyone in Ex-Isle is getting closer to Splitsvilla.

But as the show got underway, none of the competitors knew that they were actually in Ex-Isle and not Splitsvilla. I promise you, it was funny to see their faces collapse! Without further ado, let’s get to the list of former Island Splitsvilla contestants, complete with names and photos!

Ex-Isle Splitsvilla Contestants List with Photos and Names

PhotoEx-Isle Contestant NameName Of Their ExesAboutTheir Reaction On Seeing Exes
LakshayLakshayAnickaFrom Delhi, Age 22Quite Shocked, Tried to act as if he do not know her at all!
NayeraNayeraSiwetFrom Bengaluru, Age 26Boldly told that he doesn’t even matter anymore. He is like chewed gum, been angry esp about the Interviews Siwet gave.
RuruRuruYuvrajFrom Delhi, Age 22Acted as if he is not her ex, but was extremely angry about Yuvraj’s intolerable comments.
Digvijay From ChandigarhDigvijayIshitaFrom Chandigarh, Age 24Quite shocked but now looking for new connection.
DeekilaDeekilaAniketFrom Sikkim, Age 22Got her eyes filled with tears, Even shouted at Uorfi that she had come to move on, not for this nonsense.
SachinSachinAkritiFrom Mumbai, Age 25Quite shocked but now looking for a new connection.
UnnatiUnnatiAditFrom Delhi, Age 21Rhythm bluntly told everyone that he didn’t have any ex. The one in the photo is just a good friend of his.
RythmRythmAmeshaThis guy was actually excited about his Ex. He was only exception as unlike others he wasn’t emotional but happy. He believe this is his second chance.
DivyanshDivyanshDewanginiFrom UdaypurThis guy was actually excited about his Ex. He was the only exception as unlike others he wasn’t emotional but happy. He believe this is his second chance.
RajaRajaNidhi GoyalHe simply accepted that she dumped him and now there’s no turning back!

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Well after the interaction between the contestants and Uorfi, it feels that there’s much more drama coming up in the show. And I bet, when these Exs will face their old partners it will be like a nuclear bomb inside Splitsvilla. They will have too many cards to play against each other which can even change the entire course and how they are approaching the show right now. I guess only the future episode can tell what’s going to happen.

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