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Playground Season 3 Episode 15: Elvish’s System, Wild Cards, and Much More!

Playground Season 3

Below you will find the Playground Season 3 All Episodes Highlights series! Highlights from Playground Season 3 Episode 15 will be discussed in this article! The show is available for free viewing on Amazon MiniTV. Carry Minati, Elvish Yadav, Techno Gamerz, and Mortal are the show’s mentors!

Coming to Episode 15, it was full of drama and surprises. As you read our highlights, you will know how Elvish Yadav filled the house with entertainment with his surprises and amusing activities. We will tell you all the inside gossip but before that let’s have a look at Elvish Yadav’s special announcement which he posted on YouTube from the official channel of Playground.

Special Announcement By Elvish Yadav

In the video, he was seen promoting the Playground S3 and also addressed queries of some fans about watching the show live. In this context, he pointed out that videos of gameplays of contestants are uploaded every day at 6 PM which viewers can watch on either MiniTV or on YouTube’s official channel.

He also directed that to bring out the best scenes, they need time to edit the videos so that they can maximize the experience of viewers.

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Playground Season 3 Episode 15 Highlights

As I mentioned earlier, Elvish added his touch of entertainment to the show. After making an entry in Red Porsche, he uploaded a video on YouTube with the title “Red Porsche me Playground ka Systumm Hang.”

As soon as he entered the house he started reviewing the performance and activities of the contestants, especially Chirag, Ishu, Nishu & Tanu Rawat. But among them, Chirag a.k.a Pingu & Tanu were caught in hotwaters. He straight-forwardly went out asking Chirag about his thoughts on Tanu. As a result of Chirag’s flirty nature, Elvish assigned them tasks that they would stay together all the time, with their hands tied to each other the whole time.

Further, he assigned them tasks like doing different yoga stances and making alphabet letters without untying their hands.

Playground season 3 episode 15 highlights pingu & tanu

Whoa! That was indeed fun watching them tangled. Having said that, how can we forget how much Elvish loves backbiting the house by the contestants? Well, this time Chill Gamer was called in to do this heavy task. I think he righteously mentioned when asked about the possible match-making in the house. He mentioned about Chirag-Nishu and also, Chirag-Tanu. So once again Chirag was caught in hot waters.

Well, all the fun activities by Elvish Yadav concluded with Chirag-Tanu and all the other contestants dancing together.

In another heart-warming scene, Valence couldn’t control his tears when he was thinking about his meeting his Mother & remembered his father. In another similar scene, Chill Gamer a.k.a Ahmed spits out his loneliness in front of the camera.

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Episode 15 Brings Interesting Wild Card Entries.

In the 1st wild card entry, Arushi from Himachal(currently living in Delhi) & Gaurav got favored by the mentors to be back in the house. Arushi got entry into Dare Dragons and Gaurav a.k.a BT Android got entry into Raging Centaurs. While talking to Elvish Yadav, they made out clear that this time they are very much focused and cautious. Even Arushi & Gaurav boldly targeted Abhinav, Himanshu & Tanu as the dumbest contestants in Playground Season 3.

Talking about 2nd wild card entry, Sway Gamer got her luck shining out. Like other wild card entrants, Sway also made clear that this time she is not going to play by heart but use her mind for every step she is going to take. She looked pretty disappointed by the previous behavior of her friends. Well, I believe including Sway was a good decision as she is good at gaming. She also represented India in eSports.

Game Battle of Playground Season 3 Episode 15

In this episode, viewers got to enjoy the contestants’ gameplay in a racing game, Asphalt! The Format of Episode 15 is given as follows,

  • 2 players from each team will participate in the format 2v2. However, there’s a little change. Matches will be played in 1v1 format with no player playing back-to-back matches.
  • The Top 2 teams will proceed to the day’s Finale, where they will play 4 races.
  • In 4 races, 2 will be played in 1v1 format while 2 races will be played in 2v2 format.
  • The team, as usual, with the highest score will be the winner.

Game Battle Results Playground 3 Episode 15

Finalists of the Day were OP Unicorns & Dare Dragons. While Carry Minati’s Dare Dragons were able to get the trophy for the day, OP Unicorns also performed well. And, KO Krakens unfortunately got the wooden spoon once again. The wild card entrants, Gaurav & Sway played decently despite hopes that they would rock during their gaming performance. Having said that, Elvish Yadav was disappointed by the performance of his team.

M.V.P of Playground S3 E15 was Abhinav with the stats as follows;

MVP of episode 15

Points chart after Playground 3 Episode 15 Game Battle are as follows;

TeamRumbles(Points) WonRumbles Distribution
Dare Dragons600KAbhinav 500K & Kushal 100K
OP Unicorn300KChirag 200K & Prem 100K
Raging Centaurs100KGaurav 80K & Aditya 20K

Final Leaderboard As Playground S3 E15 Concluded

S. No.Contestant NameRumbles
13.Gaurav(Wild Card Entry)80K
14.Arushi(Wild Card Entry)0K
15.Sway(Wild Card Entry)0K

Watch Playground Season 3 Here

Season 3 E15 Watch Live

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