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Meet YouTuber Shruti Shiva who is married to IAS officer Abhishek Pandey earns more than her husband, she is from…

This YouTuber earns more than her IAS officer husband. Know her story here!

Shruti Shiva is a YouTuber who earns more than her husband, who is an IAS officer in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut. Shruti has over 276k subscribers on YouTube and over 67k followers on social media platform Instagram. 

She began her journey as a YouTuber just three years ago and has made a mark in such a short period. Shruti Shiva hails from Kotdwar district of Uttarakhand. She did her master’s from a university in America’s south Florida. 

Shruti Shiva was still in America when she began blogging. Her elder sister encouraged Shruti to opt for video blogging as a career and now she earns more than her IAS officer husband, she told Aaj Tak. 

Shruti Shiva met her husband IAS officer Abhishek Pandey when she was a dental student and the IAS officer was a student at IIT Roorkee, she told Aaj Tak. Abhishek Pandey was anchoring one of the IIT festivals which Shruti went to attend. Impressed by Abhishek Pandey’s anchoring, Shruti complimented him. Sometime later, the IAS officer approached her and they fell in love. 

After completing graduation, Abhishek Pandey secured a job at Tata Steel and simultaneously started her preparations for the IAS exam and Shruti went to America for higher studies. The two got married in 2020. 

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