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Ludhiana: Experts report an increase in drug-related deaths and overdoses.

“When someone starts a drug, they gradually stop feeling the intense buzz which was initially felt,” said psychiatrist Dr. Arvind Goyal. “To get that feeling again, they first increase the dose and then start trying other drugs as well.”

There has been an increase in drug-related overdose deaths in the city, and experts claim there is no known remedy for these types of overdoses.

Dr. Charan Kamal, a forensics expert from Civil Hospital, estimates that over five of the thirty drug overdose and poisoning deaths that occur in the city each month are caused by drug mixing. “I’ve noticed an increase in the popularity of the so-called “drugs cocktail” fad. Since there is no antidote, people are overdosing and dying from it, he stated.

“When someone starts using drugs, they gradually stop feeling the intense buzz which was initially felt,” stated psychiatrist Dr. Arvind Goyal. They start by increasing the dosage and experimenting with different drugs in an attempt to relive that experience. To maintain the intensity, Goyal continued, someone taking opioids, for instance, might take tramadol tablets, poppy husk, sleeping drugs, and so on.

According to Goyal, the adulterants that were added to medications were extremely dangerous. While there are antidotes for specific pharmaceuticals, it is rare that we know exactly what was consumed in what quantity when someone has had a cocktail. “It is impossible to ascertain that,” he declared. According to Goyal, if cocaine was combined with non-soluble substances like talc, chalk, and paracetamol to increase its volume, it might clog end arteries in the heart, brain, and eyes, resulting in organ failure.

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