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“Karnataka will not see a Modi wave,” said Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar.

DK Shivakumar, the deputy chief minister of Karnataka, asserted that the BJP broke all of its pledges and accomplished nothing in the state during its four years in power.

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister and state Congress President D K Shivakumar stated his party is in a comfortable position because there isn’t a “Modi wave” in the state on Wednesday, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. He asserted that the BJP broke all of its pledges and accomplished nothing in the state during its four years in power.

“With regard to Karnataka, Congress is in a very comfortable position. In an exclusive interview with PTI, Shivakumar stated, “There is no Modi wave in Karnataka because Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not left any footprint in Karnataka during the last 10 years of his rule.”

He stated that even with the catastrophic drought that 230 out of 236 taluks were experiencing, the Union government had taken crores of rupees in taxes from Karnataka, but the state had received nothing in return. Shivakumar asserted that Congress will win with a margin of victory over two lakh votes in the Bengaluru Rural constituency, where the BJP is fielding renowned cardiologist Dr. C N Manjunath against his brother and three-time MP D K Suresh.

Shivakumar declared that the public would reject the BJP-JD(S) coalition, calling it a failure in their election collaboration in Karnataka. “(H D) Kumaraswamy (JD(S) leader and NDA’s Mandya candidate) and all the JDS candidates will lose,” he stated.

Shivakumar responded to reports that Union Home Minister Amit Shah had accused him of corruption by saying they were political accusations. “They have not been able to provide any evidence against me. “These are unfounded accusations made against me,” Shivakumar continued.

Declaring that the Congress party as a whole is unified, Shivakumar refuted any disagreement within the party on the distribution of tickets for the Lok Sabha elections. “There is no disagreement, and we will resolve the issue in a day. However, the BJP is on fire from within. The BJP will be killed by its own workers. He said, “The BJP has switched (candidates) in about ten seats and they are aware that they are losing the polls.

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