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Check The Latest Update: Petrol, diesel price cut in Delhi , Mumbai & Kolkata!

The Center declared on Thursday that the national price of gasoline and diesel has been reduced by ₹2. Here is a link to the updated fuel prices for your city.

Petrol price

On Thursday, Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Hardeep Puri declared that the country’s gasoline and diesel rates have been slashed by ₹2. The fuel price reduction occurs just a few days before the Lok Sabha election declaration.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas declared that the new fuel rates will take effect nationwide on March 15 at six in the morning when it published the updated prices on its official X account. “Price reductions for gasoline and diesel will increase consumer spending and lower operating costs for over 58 lakh heavy goods vehicles running on diesel, 6 crore cars, and 27 crore two-wheelers,” the ministry tweeted.

“The country’s illustrious Prime Minister Modi has once again proved that the welfare and convenience of his family of crores of Indians is always his goal,” Puri wrote on X, praising the national government’s decision.

The central government added that the lower prices for gasoline and diesel will help Indians in numerous ways, including as increased travel and tourism, increased discretionary income, lower costs for farmers using tractors, and many more.

In addition, Hardeep Puri stated that when compared to other significant European countries, India now has some of the lowest fuel prices due to rate reductions. “On March 14, 2024, petrol costs, in rupee terms, ₹94 per litre in India, but ₹168.01, or 79% more, in Italy; ₹166.87, or 78% more, in France; ₹159.57, or 70% more; and ₹145.13, or 54% more, in Germany,” he stated.

Petrol, diesel prices on March 15: City-wise rates

CityPetrol price per litreDiesel price per litre

There were rumors in January of this year that the union administration intended to significantly lower the price of gasoline and diesel. Puri, however, dispelled these rumors, stating that with the current high price of crude oil, there will not be any gasoline rate reductions anytime soon.

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