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Jake Paul invites Donald Trump to watch his fight with Mike Tyson

Jake Paul

On June 20, YouTuber Jake Paul has extended an invitation to former US President Donald Trump to attend his fight night with Iron “Mike” Tyson.

In an appearance with FOX News, Jake extended an invitation to the former president, smirking and said, “Trump, if you’re watching this, this is an invite.”

“I would love to see you at the fight since I know you used to support Tyson. Vivek attended my other altercation. And, of course, Barron Trump, the silver fox. “So, Donny, please arrive; we have tickets for you,” he continued.

The bout, which is set to take place in Dallas, Texas, will only be available to watch live on Netflix.

Jake wants the Tyson bout rules changed.
There have been several rumors regarding the regulations being changed for the fight because of the two fighters’ notable age and weight differences. According to some reports, the purpose of wearing thicker boxing gloves and head guards is to lessen the impact of blows.

While initially labelled as an exhibition match, Jake and Mike pushed the fight to be professional.

Despite Tyson acknowledging the bout as an exhibition, Jake contradicts the heavyweight legend: “Mike and I want this to be a pro fight, full face shots,” Paul told FOX News.

“We’re submitting that request to the commission. It’s an all-out war.”

Dispelling rumours of restrictions on landing punches, Paul dismissed speculations surrounding the use of oversized gloves and expressed his determination for an unbridled confrontation. “There’s been all these fake videos about not being able to hit each other, and we’ll be wearing big gloves but it’s all fake news,” he clarified.

Despite Tyson’s advanced age, Paul, who has won nine of his 10 professional fights, expects a strong test from the latter. “I genuinely believe that he is underestimated me,” he said, continuing, “It’s a heavyweight fight; he is the bigger man, but I am the faster man.” I’m fresh, but he’s the much stronger man. He has expertise. Though I’m smart, he might be smarter in the ring. People believe he is beat after watching the training footage, yet it’s a pretty intriguing match-up.

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