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Lara Dutta praises PM Modi for his brave remarks regarding the “Muslim quota”: “You have to stick to your convictions.”


The first person from Bollywood to respond to PM Modi’s recent remarks on Muslims at a rally in Rajasthan is Lara Dutta.

Actress Lara Dutta made one of the nation’s few political comments. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks regarding Muslims made at a rally in Rajasthan have been the subject of national discussion and controversy this week. Lara highlighted these remarks in a recent interview with Zoom. (See also: PM Modi’s comments at a rally in Rajasthan ignite a political maelstrom.)

“He’s got the courage.”
Lara stated in the interview that people should “hold up to their convictions.” In the end, we’re all just people. It’s really challenging to win everyone over. The Prime Minister of our nation is subject to online criticism, just like performers are. Each of us handles it with grace. You can’t skirt problems all the time in an attempt to please everyone. In the end, you have to adhere to your principles and ideas. Bravo if he has the guts to take that risk. You have to stick to your convictions in the end, the speaker stated.

What did PM Modi say?
During the Congress party’s rule, PM Modi stated at a rally in Rajasthan that “they said Muslims have the first right over the country’s resources.” When he said the party “will gather all your wealth and distribute it among those who have more children” if it were to regain power, the audience applauded.”Do you think your hard-earned money should be given to infiltrators?” he asked, going on, “They will distribute it among infiltrators?”

Next steps for Lara
Lara is currently marketing her upcoming television series, Ranneeti: The Balakot Region & Beyond. Lara Dutta explores the complexities of contemporary warfare and geopolitical relations while playing the role of a power broker.

Santosh Singh is the director of the series, which aims to reveal little-known details behind a significant defensive operation and offer light on the fusion of conventional and modern military strategies. In an interview with ANI, Lara addressed the skepticism that surrounds nationalistic narratives and emphasized the importance of identifying and appreciating stories from India’s own soil.

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She said, “People will always say this is propaganda.” However, we never say that when we see Zero Dark Thirty, other Hollywood movies, or anything else. Why then should we apply this to everything in our nation?”

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